Monday, November 5, 2018

Opulence Global Story

Opulence Global Story

The genesis of Global Wealth Trade in 2005 was from a need to give the average entrepreneur the ability to achieve the opulent lifestyle through optimum health, beauty and fashion. It was also created to positively impact global health in a way never done before.

Global Wealth Trade began and grew quickly to become Canada’s largest fashion house, introducing the FERI, FERI Mosh and POSH lines of designer products. These designs quickly found a home on the red carpet with Emmy and Tiff celebrities.
The evolution from the successful fashion house, Global Wealth Trade to Opulence Global began with the vision of bringing forward a world class line of skincare products that delivered upon its promises of restoring your youthful appearance. Thousands of people responded and have endorsed the incredible results from using the FERI Flawless line of anti-aging products.
However, in recognition that true beauty begins within, in 2018, Opulence Global introduced the world’s most powerful antioxidant from nature in the Fountain of Life. Extracted from the Norwegian Spruce, Fountain of Life has changed lives forever, as this functional food has replaced the nutrients that we have lost through engineering and processing. People have a simple, powerful source for antioxidants that supports our depleted food sources, providing quality polyphenols that neutralize the impact of free radicals.
Opulent living is no longer exclusive only to the most privileged; we provide an opportunity for everyone to achieve generational wealth. “If you have the WILL, we have the WAY! “
— Opulence Global’s VISION

From the Legendary Founder:

Ramin Mesgarlou is the Founder and CEO of Opulence Global and the visionary behind the opulence philosophy; the architect of the general direction of the company.

Ramin Mesgarlou
Founder & CEO | Opulence Global

“I have seen that the entrepreneurial spirit is high in most people and in all continents; but there are not a lot of great avenues for the average entrepreneur to be able to hit a financial home run”
— Ramin Mesgarlou
Mr. Mesgarlou has spent 27 years in direct sales and built 4 multi-million dollar businesses as a master distributor. In 2005, he launched Global Wealth Trade, his own unique high-performance entrée into the world of direct sales.
He launched the Forensic Network in 2007 to address the need for hard core business training in the MLM business.
Ramin recognized that network marketing is the greatest opportunity in the business world, yet leaves millions of casualties behind. His university level course provides the solid business foundation to build a direct sales/network marketing business. For the many who enter this industry without any experience in running a business, his course begins at the basics and takes the participant through a trajectory for ultimate success. He has brought every successful GWT partner through his proven training system.
After 12 years of successful growth into 200 countries, Ramin introduced the 2019 Home Safe revolution that addresses the issues of fluoride and aluminium hydroxide in our toothpastes and antiperspirants respectively.
Over the past 12 years, Ramin’s company has been the most decorated company in Direct Sales industry with scores of media and trade accolades and awards that included the front cover feature on The American Business Journal with Warren Buffet, Luxury Designer of the Year Award by Viva International, first class inductee into the Network Marketing Hall of Fame, Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year nominee and dozens more. Ramin is also recognized as the world’s foremost expert in MLM compensation plans as well as voted in the top 2 network marketers of all time by

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