Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Opulence ASIA Headquarters

Opulence ASIA Headquarters

August 7, 2019 marked an incredible day of excitement and new opportunity in Asia as Opulence Global opened their Asia Head Office in Manila, The Philippines.

With an incredible wave of enthusiasm, Opulence Global’s partners in Asia joined the celebration in ushering a new era, bringing our world-class products and leading-edge programs to the Philippines.

Our Senior VP Sanaz Hooman welcomed an alliance of staff, guests and well-wishers at this historical event.

Through effort of the incredible team at Opulence Global Philippines, the event was a success as they introduced the products and programs that have made Opulence Global the leader in MLM for 14 years.
The lines from FERI and POSH promises new elegance to the fashion industry overseas. These products are the root of Opulence’s success and for 14 years, it was the success of these designs that brought Opulence to the pinnacle as Canada’s largest, private fashion house.

FERI Flawless anti-aging skincare was designed as a regimen that synergistically works together that actually improves the appearance of the skin. This world class formulation brings new meaning to anti-aging, improving the lives of thousands who want to retain their youth.

The Flawless Microsilver Toothpaste brought in a new era of fluoride-free dental care without any compromises. Eliminating the controversial use of fluoride eliminates the possibility of potential concerns. Microsilver in the formulation leaves a silver depot in the mouth, gently cleansing the bacteria that leads to dental health problems.

POSH Captive Shampoo, Body Wash and Conditioner creates a new level in personal care. With attributes that include better scalp and hair health, this unique system protects against free radicals that can lead to hair loss and flat, lifeless hair.

For the past 18 months, Opulence Global’s Fountain of Life has created a new wave of enthusiasm in the nutritional industry. It has impacted over 120,000 lives, bringing new hope to the quality of life we all seek and desire.

All of these products are included as part of our partner’s opportunity for financial growth and stability.

Opulence Global Philippines will serve as the hub of activity, as they welcome new partners and people who wish to reach new heights in their lives.
The dedication to train and share will lead to everyone’s success.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome to the Opulence Global family, our partners and our friends in Asia.

Monday, June 24, 2019

How fountain of life began

How Fountain of Life Began

Over 25 years ago, scientists from Finland discovered the power of the Norwegian Spruce. This disease-free tree contained a secret as it helps nature’s most powerful source of lignans.
Lignans are antioxidants found in the cell walls of plants. They are far more powerful than any food source, the scientists were ecstatic! For years, they used the extract in sunscreens to address free radicals on the skin. This proved to be a powerful combination that provided a new layer of protection. Although safe to ingest, governments asked them to prove “that people can eat trees as a food source.”

In 2017, Opulence Global innovation included the Norwegian Spruce extract in their world-class anti-ageing regimen FERI Flawless, as free radicals cause people to age prematurely. The results were astonishing as people were captured by the power and effectiveness of this skin care system.

During that same year, Ramin Mesgarlou, Founder of Opulence Global, questioned the scientific team on the power of this extract. He was given a sample for review which opened the doors for new innovation in health. Mr. Mesgarlou felt the change in his health within weeks. He experienced a change in his weight, increased energy levels and saw an improvement in this hair health. This led to the development of Fountain of Life and led Opulence Global into a new healthcare revolution.
Within weeks of Fountain of Life’s launch, people reported changes in the quality of their life.

People reported changes in their blood sugar, lower blood pressure and a higher quality of life. As word spread, the evidence mounted, with more people reporting incredible changes. From lupus to kidney disease, people were returning from their doctor’s with stories of inspiration and change.
There has been a new movement in beauty where it starts within the body. Lignans have shown to reduce chronic inflammation but also blocks and slows the degradation of elastin and collagen in the body.

In 2018,the British Journal of Nutrition reported that the lignan in Fountain of Life known as 7-hydroxymatairesinol demonstrated marked changes in fat metabolism, fat droplets on the liver, blood sugar levels and LFL cholesterol in test subjects which led to lower body weight. The anecdotes were now supported by science! However, this in only the beginning and the research continues.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

FERI and POSH Release

FERI and POSH Release



FERI Shoes (FERI Designer Lines)

FERI shoes are created by artisans.  This select group of cobblers continue to practice their unique art by hand crafting each FERI shoe that reflects the high standard of the FERI fashion brand. It begins with custom lasts for each shoe. These mechanical forms, developed by bespoke shoemakers are created for Opulence Global’s line of footwear.

Sanaz Hooman, Opulence Global’s Chief Designer and Senior VP brings her designs to life by enlisting the skill of over 30 designers who reside around the world. The incredible, unique selection of bags, shoes and jewelry lines are the result of Sanaz’s mandate to create nothing but the best following Opulence Global’s commitment to develop all products in-house. Working closely with our European design centre located in Portugal, she sources the finest Italian Nappa leather that our artisans use to give life to our FERI line of footwear.
Behind the scenes in the FERI shoemaking process, we entrust a small team of cobblers who work in unison. Using time proven hand techniques married to the assistance of specific manual machines, they focus on creating our luxurious footwear – one shoe at a time.
We don’t make shoes, we make luxury transportation…
— FERI Designer Lines

FERI Shoe Manufacturing

  • Ladies genuine leather pointed platform heels
  • Made with cow leather
  • Custom FERI hardware
  • Genuine leather upper and interior
  • Custom sole imprint with FERI design
  • Thick and cushiony sole for all-day comfort
  • Heel Height: 5 in
  • Platform Height: 1.5 in

FERI Shoe release poster

POSH Satchel and Cross Body bag


Opulence Global’s high fashion design is supported by the work of amazing artists using nothing but the best of materials. Above all, each Opulence Global  product must pass the high quality standards before they may be adorned with the FERI or POSH name.
  • Faux leather handbag
  • Gold-toned hardware
  • POSH branding in front
  • Hand quality top stitching
  • 2 interior compartments separated with a zippered divider
  • Cotton lining with zippered pocket and cell phone pouches
  • Extra detachable and adjustable belt to use it as a sling bag

POSH Bags release poster

Saturday, March 30, 2019

Madeline's Fountain Of Life story

On the 18 Dec last year, my friend, Madeline had a very bad sore throat.
I asked for permission to drop some FOL into her mouth. She said ok.

One hour after, her Son was asking her, "why mummy, you could talk so
smoothly without pain? She quickly called me and asked for a bottle.

She was diagnosed with stage 3 Colon Cancer one and half years ago
and had to endure an operation plus suffering treatments of Chemotherapy
and getting bad side effects to other organs and immune system.

Madeline told me that she would take FOL religiously and hope it will
help with her condition. Her monthly doctor's checkup was due on
31 Jan 2019.

After 3 to 5 days of taking FOL, she noticed a very strong stink,
like drugs coming from her urine. This went on for almost a week.
When asked, I told her it could be toxin from drugs was being flushed
out of her body. She said she felt lighter and slept through nights very well.
Also half of her body that was swollen with water retention had subsided.

On the 27th Dec after lunch, Madeline told me excitedly that for the
first time she could perspire. After the chemo she always felt cold and
cannot perspire.

End of January she went for her doctor's checkup. Her blood test showed all good.
Don't need anymore blood transfusions or iron pills to take. Even her kidney
health was good. Before FOL she was told her kidney had the side effects
from the treatment.

Now she's back to the pink of health thanks to FOL. She was even invited
by the hospital to share her story.

I'm so inspired by her testimony and I would like to help as many people as I can.
Please help your loved ones and friends with a health challenge and
put them on FOL asap.

This testimony is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease.
Check with your doctor for advise on your own health conditions.

Find out more : myopulence.com/lawrencechan

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