Monday, June 24, 2019

How fountain of life began

How Fountain of Life Began

Over 25 years ago, scientists from Finland discovered the power of the Norwegian Spruce. This disease-free tree contained a secret as it helps nature’s most powerful source of lignans.
Lignans are antioxidants found in the cell walls of plants. They are far more powerful than any food source, the scientists were ecstatic! For years, they used the extract in sunscreens to address free radicals on the skin. This proved to be a powerful combination that provided a new layer of protection. Although safe to ingest, governments asked them to prove “that people can eat trees as a food source.”

In 2017, Opulence Global innovation included the Norwegian Spruce extract in their world-class anti-ageing regimen FERI Flawless, as free radicals cause people to age prematurely. The results were astonishing as people were captured by the power and effectiveness of this skin care system.

During that same year, Ramin Mesgarlou, Founder of Opulence Global, questioned the scientific team on the power of this extract. He was given a sample for review which opened the doors for new innovation in health. Mr. Mesgarlou felt the change in his health within weeks. He experienced a change in his weight, increased energy levels and saw an improvement in this hair health. This led to the development of Fountain of Life and led Opulence Global into a new healthcare revolution.
Within weeks of Fountain of Life’s launch, people reported changes in the quality of their life.

People reported changes in their blood sugar, lower blood pressure and a higher quality of life. As word spread, the evidence mounted, with more people reporting incredible changes. From lupus to kidney disease, people were returning from their doctor’s with stories of inspiration and change.
There has been a new movement in beauty where it starts within the body. Lignans have shown to reduce chronic inflammation but also blocks and slows the degradation of elastin and collagen in the body.

In 2018,the British Journal of Nutrition reported that the lignan in Fountain of Life known as 7-hydroxymatairesinol demonstrated marked changes in fat metabolism, fat droplets on the liver, blood sugar levels and LFL cholesterol in test subjects which led to lower body weight. The anecdotes were now supported by science! However, this in only the beginning and the research continues.