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Fountain of Life Testimonials from the Users

Fountain of Life Testimonials from the Users

1. Fountain of Life & Cancer


“Below is my daughter’s brave journey since 2009.
My daughter is an amazing woman who gave up on life for a while. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. She had several treatments and surgeries because of the Brca 2 Cancer.
Recommended by the doctors, she had two mastectomies, a hysterectomy and reconstruction. Her thyroid was removed due to a goitre. This brought on a chemical imbalance causing hallucinations and delusions and was diagnosed with myxedema madness and bipolar. She was in and out of the hospital several times.
Overmedicated, her drug therapy caused her to enter a zombie-like state. She told me she didn’t want to live like this. As her mom, it broke my heart. I knew there was a better solution with natural products. I kept encouraging her to try Fountain of Life. She finally started using FOL in July of 2019 along with some other natural minerals which has been life-changing.
We have been able to gradually reduce her medications for her mental health which has been a positive step forward in her life. Her quality of life has dramatically improved.
Fountain of Life is the most potent antioxidant from nature. We can’t claim it will mitigate or treat any disease.” — Marie S.

2. Fountain of Life & Kidney Health


“Update on my kidney numbers and function level after using FOL since mid-February:
NOTE: FOL is not a cure nor medication to kidney failure. Please consult with your medical before using FOL. I did inform my renal pharmacist and medical team to get approval.
I just finished my appointment with my transplant kidney doctor. He’s very pleasantly surprised at my bloodwork from yesterday. ( Creatinine is important for nephrologist to determine the state of your kidney health. Having a high creatinine amount is not good news.)
Why is my team pleasantly pleased?
1. October 24, 2018 – creatinine level is 247,.
kidney function is about 21%. It is very close to last October’s creatinine number of 228. It never reached this close in over many months.
2. My transplanted kidney function was working only 14% in May with high creatinine number of 432. From Oct.24 blood work, my kidney function is now at 21%. That’s a huge significant improvement from months earlier.
3. Having 21%/22%, my transplant team is not having another discussion about being officially to be back doing dialysis and to start the process of being listed for transplant kidney for the time being.
4. My medical team nor I expected such good bloodwork given my transplanted kidney was officially labelled as “failed” due to calcification by the transplant team in May. I was then moved to pre-dialysis team at my previous clinic since July 2018.
Here’s my copy of bloodwork to show the results.
I apologize for the length. I’m amazed by FOL’s wonders. With faith in God, FOL, positive mindset, this improvement in bloodwork is a miracle for me. I am still dealing with kidney disease.” — Leah X.

3. Fountain of Life & Alopecia


a. “Ladies and gentlemen, I am so excited to share this amazing testimonial from one of our customers who suffers from alopecia!! I have to say I was absolutely ecstatic to see his results in just six months
please Note Fountain of Life is not a drug or a cure, but a high-powered antioxidant!” — Sanaz H.
b. “3 months of putting FOL in my shampoo and taking it orally (when I remember lol!)
This lady has Alopecia and is getting married in 2 months and FOL has been so life-changing for her! Love having Happy Customers !!! So happy for her!!” — Erin S.

4. Fountain of Life & Eczema


“My gorgeous 7yrs old daughter had struggled with eczema on her hand, elbow ….etc. I use Fountain Of Life on her skin and here is the result after only using a week. She used to scratch her hand all the time, that if I don’t put cream it will bleed. Since starting FOL, she doesn’t scratch at all. All thanks is due to Almighty Allah.” — Saada H.

5. Fountain of Life & Goitre


“My Fountain of Life Testimonial” — Mui M.

6. Fountain of Life& Cuts/Bruises


a. “My dear friend cleaned her toilet using a Chlorox bleach without wearing slippers. The result. After taking FOL (10 drops/day) for 10 days- VOILA! She just came back from a trip to Malaysia.” — Imelda I.
b. “My injured head went from this to this in seven days using “FOL”!” — Calvin B.
c. “I cut myself on the edge of a cupboard. Deep cut. First pic is just after it happened. Second is two days later. Third is a week later. I put Fol on shortly after it happened and the bleeding stopped fairly quick. It was barely visible after the second week. I’m impressed and there wasn’t any pain after putting it on. You have to try this to believe it. Not a miracle cure or drug but give it a chance and try it for more than one bottle. For some people it doesn’t work instantly, others it does work quick. It’s done a lot more that just this. My back hasn’t felt this good in quite a few years.” — Michael P

7. Fountain of Life & Allergies


8. Fountain of Life & Hair Loss


a. “For those who are suffering from hair loss, my boyfriend is taking FOL for about one and a half months internally as well as externally and see what’s the result especially when it comes to his hair”—Christine N.

9. Fountain of Life & Mosquito Bite


“My niece woke up to a nasty bug bite yesterday morning at the cottage. She is sensitive and allergic to certain bites and as you can see she swells right up! The first photo was when we first noticed it before applying FOL.
Three drops topically and 10 hours later the swelling had gone down but the affected area had increased. Applied another three drops topically and gave her two drops mixed in some juice to take internally.
24 hours from the first application, it’s almost completely gone! What an incredible anti-inflammatory product!: — Steph W.

10. Fountain of Life & Pet Health


a. “Wow!! My dog, who is an American bulldog breed has been having recurring ‘hot spots’ which is a bacterial skin infection.
I noticed one behind her ear last evening around 9pm (photo on left) and this time decided to ONLY use Fountain of Life topically as opposed to the ointment I’d been using previously which was prescribed from the vet.
The photo on the left was taken at 7am today!! I had a hard time finding the spot which was raw and bleeding last night. I never once got results like this so quickly from the medical ointment prescribed- it would take days before I saw improvement.
I’m so happy with the results. Also, I don’t have to worry about my other dog licking it off of her as it’s safe for him to ingest” — Sarah R.
Disclaimer: Fountain of Life is not a drug or medication. It contains the lignans 
that were once part of our daily diet. Due to engineering and processing, lignans 
have been eliminated from our food sources, leaving us lacking from this vital 
antioxidant. Fountain of Life is an all-natural product with an outstanding safety 
profile. Approved by Health Canada, has been awarded the NPN number 80084596 If 
you or your client are using prescribed medications or on drug therapy, it is 
recommended that you discuss the use of dietary supplements with your/their 
doctor.  If they are not familiar with the lignan in Fountain of Life, please 
tell them that it metabolizes like flaxseed to enterolactone. However, FOL is 
more efficient and more powerful than flaxseed. This product contains no omega-3 
fatty acids. The Opulence Global company and its independent distributors make no 
medical claims on the use and benefits of the Fountain of Life. All statements on 
dietary lignans are researched and verified through third party studies or white 

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Lignans for Dogs or Cats or pets

Cushing’s disease is named for Dr. Harvey Cushing, who originally diagnosed the syndrome in a human in 1932. In veterinary medicine, the condition is most often seen in dogs, especially Terriers, Poodles, Dachshunds and the American Eskimo/Spitz. The disorder rarely occurs in cats.
The medical name for Cushing’s is much more descriptive of the condition: hyperadrenocorticism. Hyper means “too much,” adreno refers to the adrenal glands and corticism refers to a syndrome involving the hormone cortisol.
Hyperadrenocorticism, loosely translated, means “too much cortisol released by the adrenal glands.
  • Cushing’s disease, also called hyperadrenocorticism, is a condition primarily of dogs involving the chronic release of too much cortisol by the adrenal glands
  • An overproduction of cortisol is called typical Cushing’s disease, and can be either adrenal dependent, or more commonly, pituitary dependent; “atypical” Cushing’s involves the overproduction of aldosterone or sex hormones
  • Cushing’s syndrome can produce a variety of diverse symptoms, including increased thirst and urination, hair loss and weight gain around the abdomen
  • Risk factors for atypical Cushing’s appear to include early spaying and neutering, and exposure to xenoestrogens and other external estrogen mimics
  • It’s crucial to catch signs of Cushing’s early, before it becomes full-blown. Many pre-Cushing’s patients can be successfully treated with nutraceuticals, Chinese herbs, homeopathics, nutritional therapy and lifestyle management (reducing biologic stress)

Symptoms of Cushing’s Disease

In excessive amounts, cortisol can create a host of diverse symptoms. Most dogs have a few, but not all of the symptoms of the disorder unless diagnosis comes very late in the course of the disease. The symptoms most commonly seen in dogs with early Cushing’s include:

Treatment Options

Most of the drugs currently available to treat Cushing’s disease have many undesirable side effects. It’s extremely important to discuss your concerns about possible side effects with your Veterinarian. It is recommended you do your own research as well. Try to avoid using Lysodren and other potent Cushing’s drugs because in the opinion of Dr. Becker, the side effects are often worse than the symptoms the animal is dealing with. Dr. Becker usually catches the disease in her own patients before high drug doses are required.

How to Help Prevent Cushing’s in Your Pet

There are some common sense steps you can take to reduce your pet’s risk of developing hyperadrenocorticism, including:

Make Your Pets Healthier and Happier!

If you love your pets and would do anything to give them the most excellent health possible, do right by them and give them the best of the best.


Currently, the lignans on the market: lignan that is derived from the Norwegian Spruce tree.

The active ingredient of  is 7-hyroxymatairesinol (7HMR). Lignans is extracted from the Norwegian Spruce tree, and yields high amounts of 7HMR. Once ingested, it is directly converted by gastrointestinal bacteria into the major-endogenous-mammalian lignan (enterolactone). Lignans forms more enterolactone than flax hull lignan, since another endogenous-mammalian lignan called enterodiol, is formed by SDG lignan, and is less bioactive in systemic tissues compared to enterolactone. Cleavage of sugar chains must occur for SDG flax hull lignan, by the intestinal bacteria, before the mammalian lignans are formed. This may or may not offer efficacy advantages to 7HMR (further research will be needed to prove or disprove this). Blood levels of 7HMR remain adequate for 24 hours on once-daily-dosing. 7HMR reportedly is readily and completely absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract (SDG lignan is not completely absorbed, although adequate blood levels do occur from dosages used). Thus, better bioavailability and more rapid uptake occurs for enterolactone formed from 7HMR. Since 7HMR’s bioavailability to the body is better than SDG flax hull lignan, this allows reduced doses to be used.

Adverse Effects
SDG lignan, having fiber as a component, can cause increase in stool frequency (and occasionally diarrhea).7HMR contains very little (if any) fiber, so this side effect should not be seen with 7HMR.

Monday, October 7, 2019

FOL Fountain of Life Facts

FOL Fountain of Life Facts

Over 25 years ago, scientists from Finland discovered the power of the Norwegian Spruce. This disease-free tree contained a secret as it helps nature’s most powerful source of lignans.
Lignans are antioxidants found in the cell walls of plants. They are far more powerful than any food source, the scientists were ecstatic! For years, they used the extract in sunscreens to address free radicals on the skin. This proved to be a powerful combination that provided a new layer of protection. Although safe to ingest, governments asked them to prove “that people can eat trees as a food source.”
In 2017, Opulence Global innovation included the Norwegian Spruce extract in their world-class anti-ageing regimen FERI Flawless, as free radicals cause people to age prematurely. The results were astonishing as people were captured by the power and effectiveness of this skin care system. During that same year, Ramin Mesgarlou, Founder of Opulence Global, questioned the scientific team on the power of this extract. He was given a sample for review which opened the doors for new innovation in health. Mr. Mesgarlou felt the change in his health within weeks. He experienced a change in his weight, increased energy levels and saw an improvement in this hair health. This led to the development of Fountain of Life and led Opulence Global into a new healthcare revolution.
Within weeks of Fountain of Life’s launch, people reported changes in the quality of their life. People reported changes in their blood sugar, lower blood pressure and a higher quality of life. As word spread, the evidence mounted, with more people reporting incredible changes. From lupus to kidney disease, people were returning from their doctor’s with stories of inspiration and change.
There has been a new movement in beauty where it starts within the body. Lignans have shown to reduce chronic inflammation but also blocks and slows the degradation of elastin and collagen in the body.
In 2018,the British Journal of Nutrition reported that the lignan in Fountain of Life known as 7-hydroxymatairesinol demonstrated marked changes in fat metabolism, fat droplets on the liver, blood sugar levels and LFL cholesterol in test subjects which led to lower body weight. The anecdotes were now supported by science! However, this in only the beginning and the research continues.
The Facts has been designed to allow us to reach out to each one of you during this exciting journey. This is to support your efforts with education and to give you the information you need to change someone’s life!


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The Real 2020 EXXA Review by a Singaporean

A Singaporean's 2020 EXXA Review

EXXA Soft Launch 29 September 2019 at One Degree 15 Marina, Sentosa Cove Singapore.

I've decided to write after seeing all the foreigners doing the reviews of EXXA, a Singapore based company. Most of them only know little and piece together a fabricated idea of the actual facts and call this company a scam. Most are only giving bad reviews only to market themselves in other opportunities. I have personally met up with 2 of the 3 co-founders, Danny Pang and Francis Aw. I also had the opportunity of meeting with their lawyer, Roy Ong (Compliance and Regulatory Advisor). Everything is above board with this company. Singapore is a very strict financial hub, any wrong doings could get any directors in trouble. The 5 shareholders are all reputable businessman who are owners of viable corporations. They would not risk their standings in the society to scam any Singaporeans let alone the foreigners.

EXXA Mobile App Review

Referral Code - 30259776 or 20817116

EXXA is a mobile app to hold and lend your Crypto in Project Devo to earn passive income.
The company is a home grown Singapore company started out by 5 prominent Singapore businessmen. Highly advised to be part of this opportunity.

The Company

EXXA is a Singapore multi-currency crypto wallet in the form of a mobile application. Just store your cryptocurrency (USDT, BTC, ETH or LTC) on it, but there's more to it if you want to earn passive income. With just a few clicks, you can send your USDT, BTC, ETH or LTC in trust management to Project Devo. With this simple action, you begin to receive daily interest of 2% to 3% per month (that's a whopping 24% to 36% per year).
Management Team

Danny K. Pang is the CEO of AXXA Global with over 26 years of experience in the industry. He is widely known for his leadership and team-building abilities.
He have a global network of 22 countries and over 300,000 partners.
Danny’s network marketing career began in the United States twenty-four years ago, and has now become a global network spanning half the planet.
Danny is also a co-founder of Rain International (since 2010).

Frankie Lee CEO and Chairman of BNF Group
Frankie Lee managed to assemble a highly qualified team in the BNF Group and managed to expand it to 350 employees who are highly motivated and focused on business.
BNF Group today is a combination of diverse businesses.

Gregory Ang, founder of GangTV, Greg has been instrumental in planning business operations, marketing initiatives, product delivery, and distribution throughout the region. Due to his natural and innovative style, he was released as the first professional in Asia in the field of HD channels in 2006.
Since then, it has become an integral part in marketing channels such as Discovery Channel, ESPN, Hallmark Channel, The Food Network HD, Sundance Channel, WE TV, KMTV, AMC Networks International, Fashion One TV, Fashion 4K and Videofashion News 4K, distributing content to millions people in the asia-pacific region.

Conditions for Investors

Deposit Currency: USDT, BTC, ETH or LTC
Minimum deposit: US$ 10, but to activate an Incentivize Affiliate Program you need to deposit a min of US$ 300.
There is no lock-in. The investment body can be withdrawn at any time but if you withdraw the capital before 30 days, a Penalty of 10% of the capital will be charged. The withdrawal takes 14 days to be effected but you will continue to receive interest during the 14 days period. The company requires more time to check to ensure compliance and the safety of the account holder.
Receive daily interest of 2% to 3% per month (that's a whopping 24% to 36% per year).
Interest is paid in EXXA token daily. You can exchange them for USDT or ETH inside your wallet to compound or withdraw. The capital deposited is not converted.
The price of the EXXA token is fixed as US$ 0.10 per token.

Incentivize Affiliate Program

1st level: 100% of daily interest
2nd level: 50% of the interest
3rd - 21st level: 5% of interest

Referrals Rewards 3 is for L3 to L21 if qualified by front line directs.
X1 Community Rewards is additional 5% of your entire sponsor tree to infinity till the next X1 breakaway.
If you have 3 direct referral with a rank (X1) in 3 different branches, you promote to rank (X2) and begin to receive 10% of the partners’ interest from the 3rd line to infinity.
If you have 3 direct referral with a rank (X2) in 3 different branches, you promote to rank (X3) and begin to receive 15% of the partners’ interest from the 3rd line to infinity.
If you have 3 direct referral with a rank (X3) in 3 different branches, you promote to rank (X4) and begin to receive 25% of the partners’ interest from the 3rd line to infinity.
If you have 3 direct referral with a rank (X4) in 3 different branches, you promote to rank (X5) and begin to receive 30% of the partners’ interest from the 3rd line to infinity.
Note: If your partner reaches your rank, you stop receiving an additional percentage from him.

How to become an EXXA investor

Download the application - https://exxa.net

Or directly from application stores

2. We launch the application, click "Create account", come up with Nickname and enter the referral code — 30259776 or 20817116
3. We create a password for entry, repeat its entry for verification and press NEXT, then a payment pin code and also press NEXT, then re-enter the just invented pin code and again press NEXT
4. In the next window, the system generates 12 words for you, this is a mnemonic phrase and your access to the wallet. MANDATORY Save this mnemonic phrase, it will be needed to restore the wallet in case of force majeure (If you lose passwords and stuff).
After we press the button "Continue"
5. Confirm that you wrote down the mnemonic phrase, arrange the words in the order in which they were presented in the previous window, and if you specify the order correctly, you can click on the "Continue" button
6. On the screen you will see your username - "Account Number"
Your password is "Account Password"
Your PIN code is "Transaction Password"
Your personal referral code for invitations to the team is located on the main page right when you click on the QR code
Click on the eye-shaped icons to display the information and be sure to save everything! (Record or take a screenshot) This is very important!
7. After everything is saved, click on the "Sign In" button and in the pop-up window, click on the "yes" button
8. You will be transferred to the application login page (If not, just open it and click on the "Sign In" button)
And in the Account Number field, enter your account number, and in the "Password" field, enter your password that you specified during registration, then click on the "Sign In" button
9. At the top, click on the "VAULT" button and then in the upper right corner click on the "Recieve" button, then select a deposit coin and click on the "Create Wallet" button. Best of all, use Ether, but you can use others, then click the "Confirm" button and then "Go back"

10. Again, in the upper right corner, click on the “Recieve” button and select the cryptocurrency whose wallet you just created, and below you will see the wallet address for sending the cryptocurrency, in order to replenish your balance in EXXA, send coins to it, then click in the left back arrow in the upper corner and wait for the coins to be credited to the balance (It may take from 1 minute to an hour, depending on the cryptocurrency and the size of the commission you sent)
11. When the balance is displayed, go back to the main one and there click on the Project / DEVO + / Participate / button and press the green ADD button opposite the cryptocurrency of which you replenished the balance, then click on the “MAX” button and ADD button, after which we agree by checking and click on the "confirm" button, then enter your six-digit pin code that was created during registration and click on the daw, then "Go Back". Within an hour, your cryptocurrency will go to work and trading will be launched.

That's it, now your contribution works! Every day you will make a profit. It will appear on the balance in EXXA tokens.
After registration you may send a WhatsApp text to +65 88091491 for support and any questions.

Referral Code - 30259776 or 20817116

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Your Daily Regimen Step by Step Guide (FERI Flawless)

STEP-1 Dual Action Hydrating Cleanser

“… is a luscious, gentle cleanser with ingredients derived from beets and coconuts.”
STEP-1 Cleansing and washing
This cleanser creates a gentle lather on the skin that removes the debris, makeup, oils and impurities that accumulates overnight or during the day.
The Effects
Debris accumulates on our skin during the course of our daytime activities or while we sleep, This can be from our environment, dead skin cells or excess sebum, This affects our skin health which affects its appearance, tone and elasticity, The Dual Action Cleanser ensures that our skin is clean without compromise

STEP-2 REVIVE 5D Day Moisturizer

“…is a rich, daily cream that provides a hydrating effect without a greasy feeling.”
STEP-2 Moisturizing
This powerful moisturizer provides noticeable firming and smoothing to the skin’s appearance as it restores volume and provides a re-plumping effect through moisturization to the face.
The Effects
Long lasting moisturization improves the look of your skin affected by age. The blend of leading-edge ingredients helps your skin to look healthier and youthful, The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are improved while leaving our skin soft and supple, Leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated all day and with long-term use, it will fight the signs of aging, Daily use of Flawless Revive 5D Day Moisturizer will help even the tone of your skin.

STEp-3 Eternal 5Eye Serum

“…instantly reverses the appearance of the aging around the eye area.”
STEP-3 Eye serum application
This incredible eye serum has been formulated with an ingredient that naturally oxygenates your skin quickly and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while increasing the volume to achieve a fuller look. A safe, skin relaxing element helps reduce the appearance of laugh lines.
The Effects
The appearance of deep lines and wrinkles around the eye are diminished with the FERI Flawless Eternal 5 Eye Serum. Combined with fast acting and long lasting ingredients that effectively moisturize while improving the tone of the eye area. Our serum plumps the delicate skin around the eye. Through continued use, a youthful appearance will be achieved, The Easy Glide applicator ensures even application as it dries quickly with no flaking, leaving a feeling of compete moisturization

STEP-4 DREAM LIPS Lip Treatment

“…is a quick plumping and moisturizing preparation designed to solve dry lip conditions that can lead to an aged appearance.”
STEP-4 Lip treatment
Botanical extracts are blended into this exclusive formulation that have been scientifically proven to improve the look of vertical lines and wrinkles around our lips. Hyaluronic acid, naturally found in your skin is applied to your lips in microspheres that absorb ambient moisture to ensure that hydration is long lasting.
The Effects
Fast acting and long lasting moisturizers that makes your lips look fuller and plumper, Botanical extracts work in harmony with leading edge science to reverse the signs of aging, making the skin around your lips look younger and refreshed, Helps moisturize your lips in hot and cold weather.


QUAD AG Night Serum

“…contains a powerful, natural antioxidant to protect your skin from atmospheric pollutants that impact the look of aging.”
STEP-1 Always cleanse your face and remove all the make-up and impurities before applying the QUAD AG Night Serum
STEP-2 Night Serum Application
Flawless Quad AG helps improve elasticity in supporting tissues to reduce the appearance of fine lines while you sleep. The exclusive Microsilver formulation prepares your skin to maximize the benefits of anti-aging ingredients that enhance the appearance of your skin. As it gently cleanses the bacteria that can cause skin issues that contribute to the look of aging. It helps support the skin’s natural flora.
The Effects
Works in harmony overnight, preparing your skin for the next day. The skin looks healthier with a natural skin balance, The look of fine lines and wrinkles are diminished through the blend of extracts and sugar compounds that work together in unison.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Opulence ASIA Headquarters

Opulence ASIA Headquarters

August 7, 2019 marked an incredible day of excitement and new opportunity in Asia as Opulence Global opened their Asia Head Office in Manila, The Philippines.

With an incredible wave of enthusiasm, Opulence Global’s partners in Asia joined the celebration in ushering a new era, bringing our world-class products and leading-edge programs to the Philippines.

Our Senior VP Sanaz Hooman welcomed an alliance of staff, guests and well-wishers at this historical event.

Through effort of the incredible team at Opulence Global Philippines, the event was a success as they introduced the products and programs that have made Opulence Global the leader in MLM for 14 years.
The lines from FERI and POSH promises new elegance to the fashion industry overseas. These products are the root of Opulence’s success and for 14 years, it was the success of these designs that brought Opulence to the pinnacle as Canada’s largest, private fashion house.

FERI Flawless anti-aging skincare was designed as a regimen that synergistically works together that actually improves the appearance of the skin. This world class formulation brings new meaning to anti-aging, improving the lives of thousands who want to retain their youth.

The Flawless Microsilver Toothpaste brought in a new era of fluoride-free dental care without any compromises. Eliminating the controversial use of fluoride eliminates the possibility of potential concerns. Microsilver in the formulation leaves a silver depot in the mouth, gently cleansing the bacteria that leads to dental health problems.

POSH Captive Shampoo, Body Wash and Conditioner creates a new level in personal care. With attributes that include better scalp and hair health, this unique system protects against free radicals that can lead to hair loss and flat, lifeless hair.

For the past 18 months, Opulence Global’s Fountain of Life has created a new wave of enthusiasm in the nutritional industry. It has impacted over 120,000 lives, bringing new hope to the quality of life we all seek and desire.

All of these products are included as part of our partner’s opportunity for financial growth and stability.

Opulence Global Philippines will serve as the hub of activity, as they welcome new partners and people who wish to reach new heights in their lives.
The dedication to train and share will lead to everyone’s success.
It is with great pleasure that we welcome to the Opulence Global family, our partners and our friends in Asia.