Calculate Sales Proceeds

You need to know the preliminary assessment of the amount of sale proceeds that you may get when you sell your home. This will help you evaluate your financial situation before selling your flat.

You would be able to do your sums and minimise the risk of buying another property based on any miscalculations or under-budgeting.

To compute the estimated sales proceeds, you would need:

1. The estimated resale price

2. Your loan information on the "outstanding balance" mortgage loan amount which must be fully settled before completion.

3. The amount of CPF monies used in the purchase of the flat, "the principal amount used and accrued interest".

4. Any outstanding payments to the relevant authorities.

To compute the estimated sales proceeds go to:

Remember to have your Singpass, ID and Password ready.

For HDB website:

1 Click on Singpass Icon
2 Click My HDBpage on Right Icon
2 Click My flat
3 Click Financial information (there you are "Outstanding Balance")

For CPF website:

1 Click on myCPF online services
2 Login with your Singpass
3 Click on My Statement (on left box)
4 Move down to Section C (click on Property)
5 Click on My Public Housing Withdrawal Details (there you are "Total principal amount used and accrued interest)


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