Trevista - NTUC Union Members Advantage


All buyers of Trevista (including NTUC Union Members) enjoy the same price but NTUC Union Members are further entitled to the following benefits:

Special Benefits For NTUC UNION Member

NTUC Union members who purchased a unit in Trevista during the preview period will be entitled to 55,000 LinkPoints and a choice of 1 additional package (worth up to $3,000 for Type A & B & up to $6,000 for Type C & D):

a) 2-year Mortgage Protection Plan (MPP) by NTUC Income;

b) Integrated fridge within the apartment;

c) Family cash rebate - that is for Purchaser(s)' who has parents or children staying within Toa Payoh; or immediate family members who buy a unit in Trevista as well.

Terms and conditions

1) Buyer has to be a NTUC Union members who are paying $9/ month for subscription fee. (Refer to attached cards for reference) I.e Buyers need to have either card to enjoy the benefits above

2) Only 1-time credit of 55,000 LinkPoints will be credited to 1 Purchaser who is a NTUC union member regardless of the number of units purchased. For eg Buyer A bought #01-01 and #01-02. Linkpoints will only be credited to Buyer A once unless the joint owner, Buyer B for say #01-02 is also a Union member. Hence another 55,000 Linkpoints will be credited into Buyer B's account.

3) For the additional packages listed above,

a) To note this is only for a limited period and it will only be available during preview period.

b) The packages to the Buyer will be withdrawn if Buyer sub-sell the unit within 6 months from date of Option

ci) Family cash rebate - this is for Buyers who have parents/children's residing in Toa Payoh and evidence will be needed to show the Toa Payoh address; or
cii) Immediate family members who buy another unit in Trevista

d) MPP - subject to the normal assessment by insurer.
In the event if Buyers are keen to register as a NTUC member to enjoy this benefit, they can register via under "Sign Me Up" on the right hand column.

Preview targeted on 28 Aug 09, NTUC UNION Members are invited to go at 2pm.


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