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As posted in on 7 Sep 2009 by John Condo News The Interlace: Site Layout and Photos

The Interlace: Site Layout and Photos

We've trawled online and found some hi-res pics of CapitaLand's The Interlace. Looks pretty awesome we must say, though it seems to be one really complex condo - good luck to the future brochure designer!

We've managed to find a site layout as well. Guess what facilities we see?

Located on the site of the old Gillman Heights Condo, top floors might potentially get a view of the Pasir Panjang container port. (And no, we don't think there's any connection between this design and the aforementioned containers... or is there?)

BIG BIG DISCLAIMER: These are obviously architecture renders and definitely NOT the finalized design, so take this with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless it's good fun to speculate.

Site Layout

No indication of where north is but it's safe to assume that top = north, bottom = south. you see a 50m lap pool? We also spy with our little eyes 3 distinct tennis courts, 1 FULL length basketball court. We also spot a long snaking jogging track. Looks like there are plenty of roof gardens as well as possible "spa villas" dotted all over the site too. We don't see any parking lots here, so that means underground parking for the residents. So you see, a picture is definitely worth a thousand words!

More images below:

Potential container sea view

A possible view from Alexandra Road

Do you see what looks like a waterfall feature at the bottom? If it is it looks to really big! Hope it's good fengshui for all.

We see a kids pool right behind the main pool.

Images: OMA via ArchDaily and World Architecture News.

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