Property Launches The Interlace: Block location and map overlay

As posted in on 15 Sep 2009 by John Property Launches The Interlace: Block location and map overlay

The Interlace: Block location and map overlay

We've got more details just in. The Interlace is one complex condo. Took us some time to figure it out but we've got it done eventually. We've got all the 23 blocks labelled for you, including those that are released for sale, and we've broken down the individual tiers with a 'cool' animation. Come in and see!

Map Overlay

Image: Google Maps. Note: This is an estimation only. Not to scale.

What cannot be seen here is that the project is sitting on elevated land. And note that from the west to the south-east your view is completely unblocked. One will get the green views of Portsdown area, the Hortpark, Gillman Village and Telok Blangah Hill Park. To the east some flatted factories will be in your way. North-views are not too good with the AYE, an small industrial park and AIA Alexandra building in your way.

It looks to be quite some distance from the coast though, so perhaps only the top few floors might get a sea view. Maybe someone who lived at the old Gillman Heights can enlighten us?

URA Masterplan
A check with the URA Masterplan 2008 shows that directly to the south, the land there is slated for residential use, but at the moment, still "subject to detailed planning", so you don't have to worry for now.

Image: URA Masterplan 2008

Blocks and Facilities
The block layouts confused us for a while. We always thought there were to be 31 blocks because the project is made up of 31 long block segments. Apparently not. There are a total of 23 blocks, so where did the rest go? Well, think of each lift shaft as a block, as the lift shaft goes through various stacked block segments, we have 23 lift shafts, hence 23 blocks. As a result, each segment gets two lift shafts or blocks.

Here's the map of the blocks and the facilities:

View the hi-res version.

Segment by segment
We've also broken up each block segment into tiers, so you can see how the units are stacked.

So that's a total of 23 lift lobbies and 31 block segments

Animated Version

Does it look clearer now?

This “Condo Worth Waiting For Project” will be launched in October 2009, take action now and be among the first to register and get attractive pre-launch discounts before the public. Hurry and register by email at or call 65 9853 3323 now!



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