Property Launches The Interlace: details and floorplans

As posted in on 9 Sep 2009 by Francis Property Launches The Interlace: details and floorplans

The Interlace: details and floorplans

We have managed to get our grubby hands on details and some floorplans of The Interlace in District 4 which to no surprise will launch in phases due to the large amount of units. Please keep in mind all these early details are subject to change and might be inaccurate, so take this info with a pinch of salt.

Although we do not know the exact breakdown on how many of each unit types there are, we noted that unit sizes buck the current trend of "Mickey Mouse" units. For example, 2 bedroom units are a good size of between 807 and 1346sf.

While this means that serious home buyers can finally find a decently sized home, total prices will add up quickly.

Below are some details which we have got wind of:

Tenure: 99 years wef 11 Feb 2009

Site Area: est 869,320 sqft

Plot Ratio: 2.1

Expected TOP: 31 March 2015

Car Park Lots: 1,132 (10 handicap lots) and 76 strata lots (2 lots per garden house)

Lap Pool (50m), Kids Pool, Family Pool, Jacuzzi Pool, Tennis Courts, Multi Purpose Court, Play Zone, Outdoor Exercise Station, Gardening Zone, Clubhouse, Lotus Pond, BBQ promenade, Pet Zone, Jogging Track, Party Pavillion, Central Square, Play Hills, Spa Valley, Theatre Plaza, Bamboo Garden and more...
Units: 1,040 residential units + 8 retails shops

Unit Sizes (estimated):
2 bedroom: 807-1,346sf
2 bedroom with PES: 1,572-1,604sf

3 bedroom: 1,259-1,905sf
3 bedroom with PES/Private Roof Garden: 2,110-3,789sf
3 bedroom with Family/Study: 1,593-2,271sf
3 bedroom with Family/Study with PES/Private Roof Garden: 2,809-5,253sf

4 bedroom: 1,938-2,519sf
4 bedroom with PES/Private Roof Garden: 3,089-5,694sf
4 bedroom Multi Generation: 1,991-2,594sf
4 bedroom Multi Generation with PES/Private Roof Garden: 2,820-5,328sf

Penthouse: 3,154-6,308sf
3 bedroom Garden House: 2,874-3,380sf
4 bedroom Garden House: 3,369-3,886sf

Maintenance Fees (estimated): $3.48 per share value before GST
Type A (2 bedroom) - $248 to $289
Type B (3 bedroom) - $289 to $494
Type C (3+ study/family) - $289 to $578
Type D (4 bedroom) - $331 to $620
Type E (Multi Generation) - $331 to $578
Type F (Penthouse) - $415 to $662
Type G (3 bedroom Garden House) - $415 to $456
Type H (4 bedroom Garden House) $456 to $495

Some typical floorplans:

Type A

Type B

Another varient of Type B

Type C

Another Varient of Type C

Type D

Another varient of Type D

Type E

Phase 1 launch:

Site plan

Block 194 and 196

Block 188 and 198

Block 192 and 194

Block 198 and 200

Block 190 and 188

Block 192 and 190

Block 188 and 198

Block 222 and 220

Nice big and comfy units like we said eh? Take your time and soak in the really is massive and even we took abit of time to get a grasp of it. Just remember to take this early info with a pinch of salt.

Images: brochure

This “Condo Worth Waiting For Project” will be launched in October 2009, take action now and be among the first to register and get attractive pre-launch discounts before the public. Hurry and register by email at or call 65 9853 3323 now!



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