Icon Village Condo Photo Review

Superb City Living, popular with high flying expats and a great investment.

The Icon with a total of 646 units and 46 floors stand out as the darling of District 2. Smack right in the middle of the CBD, this condominium is popular with high flying expats that are new to Singapore according to some of the agents we spoke to. Apparently, it is considered a "safe" choice as most new expats will have their culture shock cushioned by the luxurious and expat friendly surroundings within the walls of this high-end condominium.

Below the condominium are retail shops and restaurants catering to the tastes of most expats, and just 200m away is Tanjong Pagar MRT station - if the expat ever needs to leave the self-sufficient walls of Icon. Shenton Way, where all the prime office space is located can be found just down the road.
When we visited the Icon, it was indeed true that it is very popular with expats. Perhaps everyone we saw spoke with a foreign accent. We enjoyed the sunshine of the outdoor deck on level 7, while the loft units in particular gave exhilarating views of the city.

Check out our tour of the high end condominium.

The Icon, has many retail shops and restaurants targeting the expat market below.

The large pool to serve 646 units.

Jacuzzi and tanning pools to spoil tenants.

Although there were plenty of deck chairs, it seemed there wasn't enough to go around as many residents were hanging out on the pool deck.

BBQ pit overlooking the city.

Another BBQ pit. We liked how they are apart from each other.

The third BBQ pit, located closer to the building but with a larger bench and seats.

Two tennis courts.

Playground for the kids, but we noted most facilities were geared towards the adults.

A typical lobby in Icon

Some soul to the endless corridors of the 46 storey Icon.

Possibly the most lux Ironing boards we have ever seen on the right...

Laundry machines to do the laundry - obviously a boon for landlords who do not want the additional cost of buying and maintaining a washer and dryer. Also great for those who want to save space in their homes.

Overlooking the CBD area.

Carparks were available on the first few storeys of the building, and this is the fantastic looking lobby that greats residents immediately.

An inspiring shot of Icon.

A parting shot - restaurants and retail can be seen on the ground floor.

More information about Icon.

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