Thursday, February 11, 2010

Potential En bloc Condos for 2010 - 2011

A list of "might/could be" en bloc sites have been compiled here. Looks like the En bloc fever is catching on again.

Potential En blocs:

Pearl Bank Apartments (D3) Asking S$750 million
Pender Court (D3)
252-258 Pasir Panjang Road (D5) Sold
Westvale (D5)*
Asia Gardens (D8)
Elizabeth Towers (D9)
Mackenzie Mansions (D9)*
Meng Garden (D9)
Peace Centre/Mansion (D9)
Riviera Point (D9) Asking S$70 million
Shophouses along Devonshire (D9)
Balmoral Condominium (D10) Sold S$141 million
Crystal Towers (D10) 
Dalvey Court (D10)
D'Grove Villas (D10)
Dynasty Garden II (D10)
Holland Hill Lodge* (D10)
Holland Tower (D10)
Kellock Lodge (D10) 
Ming Arcade (D10)
2 - 8 Robin Road (D10) Asking S$58 million
Robin Court (D10) Sold
Robin Star (10) Sold S$47 million
Royalville (D10) Asking S$370 to S$400 million
Tanglin Park (D10)
Tanglin Shopping Centre (D10)
Tulip Garden (D10) Asking S$600 million 
Villa D'Este (D10)
Chong Kim Apartment (D11)
Grand Tower (D11) Sold S$88.5 million 
Newton View (D11) Sold S$147 million
Pastoral View (D11) Sold
Whitley Heights (D11) Sold S$159 million (pending approval)
Diamond Tower (D12)
Goodwill Mansion* (D12)
Waldorf Mansion (D12)
Daisy Apartments (D13) Sold S$14.62 million
Leong Bee Court (D13) Sold
MacPherson Green (D13) Sold S$105 million
Grandlink Square (D14)
Guillemard Court (D14) Sold
Amber Glades (D15) Sold S$118 million
Amber Park (D15)
Amber Towers (D15) Sold S$162 million
Amber Garden (D15)
Camay Court (D15) Sold S$31 million
Culford Garden (D15)
Fortredale (D15) Sold S$65 million
Haig Mansions (D15)
Hawaii Tower (D15) Asking S$700 million reserve price
Katong Plaza (D15)
Katong Shopping Centre (D15)
Laguna Park (D15) Asking S$1.2 billion
Neptune Court (D15)
Mandarin Gardens (D15)
Marine Point (D15) Sold S$101 million
Mellow Mansions (D15) Sold
Meyer Place (D15)
Parkway View (D15)
The Makena (D15)
Telok Ville (D15) Sold S$17 million
Telok Kurau View (D15) Sold
TK Apartments (D15) Sold S$6 million
St Patrick's Garden (D15) Asking S$188 million
Tampines Court (D18)
Bartley Terrace (D19) S$40 million
Cardiff Court (D19)*
Glenville (D19) Sold
Goodrich Park (D19)
Kensington Park (D19)
Naung Court (D19) Sold
Faber Garden (D20)
Astor Green (D21)
Brookvale Park (D21)
Green Lodge (D21)*
Mayfair Gardens (D21)*
Pandan Valley (D21)
Pine Grove (D21)* 1.7 billion reserve price

*already launched

If you know of a potential en bloc or want your condo listed here too, just drop us a comment or mail. You could even contribute your background/unraveling story behind each potential enbloc condo which we will update here.