New record price for HDB flat

Hot on the heels of record private home prices is a record per square foot paid for a HDB flat along Bain Street in Bugis Estate.

The previous record was set back in November 2009 in Queenstown for a 4RM flat.

Hmmm. Very interesting don't you think? We do recall some announcement regarding some sort of measure by some Govt agency not that long ago...

The 25th floor 4 room flat cost a Taiwanese couple $650,000 or a record smashing $736psf - which is sure to raise some eyebrows and create a big headache for agents selling HDB flats. Now everyone will want to sell for that price! Our hearts go out to you poor agents!

We wonder how the buyers are feeling now that they know (if they haven't before) they are the best HDB buyers ever in Singapore, and that amount could have got them a shiny new condo somewhere else in the Singapore suburbs. The average prices we see for that area over the past few months hover between $668 and $677psf.

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