The silver property market

So what is the next big thing in the property market? Well...the silver property market and we are not talking about commodities!

Apart from riding the usual wave of boom and bust property cycles and flipping Marina bay and Sentosa apartments, you might want to find out more about this interesting segment: "property for aging people".

With at least 1.2 billion aging people in Asia (at least according to the brochure we found), it seems like some big time local private developers such as Frasers Centrepoint Homes and Tong Eng Group are taking the lead and already moving into the arena, and its not hard to understand why.

Singapore itself has a graying population with locals not responding to all kinds of monetary aphrodisiacs the government is dangling at us. In fact, we have been noticing lots of studios meant for the elderly being included in HDB flats recently...which means even the government is anticipating this in a big way (see: Studios in recent BTO launches, paired units in Dawson).

Artist's illustration of a HDB paired unit found in a recent BTO project SkyTerrace@Dawson, top unit for elderly, bottom unit for family.

And knowing our readers so well, we think by now a dozen of you must be drawing up plans to buy a bunch of aged friendly apartments to run a classy "gentleman's club" retirement home for the rich. The yields might be awesome, or at least better than the measly 3-4% rental yield we are receiving now.

Anyway, we MIGHT be heading for this event with a number of local and International bigshots speaking there and telling us about the potential of the market:

  • Dr Steven Choo, CEO, REDAS

  • Mr Cheang Kok Kheong, COO, Frasers Centre Point Homes, Singapore

  • Mr Daniel Teo, Chairman & MD, Hong How Group & Director, Tong Eng Group Singapore

  • Mr Edward Wong, Managing Director, AWP Pte Ltd, Architects, Singapore

  • Dato' Bill Ch'ng, President & CEO, Malaysia Pacific Corporation Berhad, Malaysia (speaking about S$2b resort township in Iskandar Malaysia)

Er...ok so this little event we discovered is actually for CEOs and senior level decision makers...which makes us all the more want to slip in and rub shoulders with them!

via Ageing Asia Investment Forum 2010 (brochure link here)

Image: HDB

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