Lagoon View might go en bloc

Lagoon View, neighbour and identical twin of Laguna Park, could be on its way to an en bloc. But for that to happen, they first need residents to approve the purchase of the land within the estate (car parks, etc) from the Ministry of Finance at about $16m.

Let's hope they fare better than their brethren at Laguna Park and not end up in a sticky situation!

Laguna Park was asking for around $1.2 billion back in late 2008. As you all know the deal it fell through along with much drama.

With rules for collective sales becoming increasingly difficult, it's still a long road ahead for Lagoon View residents.

Just imagine this - if Lagoon View manages to put themselves up for en bloc at the same time as Laguna Park, and a couple of big developers buys both sites in one swoop, we're looking at the-mother-of-collective-sales!

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