Every fourth migrant in Singapore an Indian: says a newsdaily

Indian nationals settling down in Singapore due to its friendly-environment, now account for about a quarter of the total 1.79 million foreigners and permanent residents' population, a newspaper reported Tuesday.

According to a report published in The Straits Times the number of Indian nationals living in Singapore has doubled to 400,000 from 200,000 two years ago.

It also reports the number of Indians setting up companies in Singapore has doubled from 1,500 in 2006 to 3,000 now, most of whom are doing businesses in the information technology, finance, trading and food and beverages sector.

Tamil, which is the fourth official language in the city country after English, Chinese and Malay, is another magnet for Indian nationals from the Southern Indian states

considering settlement in Singapore, Nikhilesh Gupta,president of the Bengali Association, Singapore told the newspaper.

While top range professionals are moving into engineering, information technology and finance sectors, others work in the skilled and semi-skilled jobs in construction and marine industries.

Nikhil Engineer, 34, and his family relocated from London to Singapore two years ago. Engineer, who plans to stay permanently in Singapore, says he made this decision as Singapore is closer to his relatives in India and is a good place to raise his two young children.

In sports too, Indians' passion for Cricket has made this game more popular in the country. The daily reports Singapore Cricket Association, which says its domestic league has grown to 90 teams from 36 teams in 2007.

The shift in sports culture is evident over the weekends as cricket stumps have become as common as football goal posts on Singapore playing fields, reports the daily.

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