Fun facts from Population census 2010

The Department of Statistics has released a population census report for 2010. It presents key trends in demographic profile, population size and growth. The results, we would imagine, comes as no surprise to most of us.

Anyway, here are some fun facts picked from the report:

1.    About 3 out of 10 persons on the street is not a citizen! The total population is 5.08 million as of end-June. 3.77 million are residents; 3.23 million are citizens while 0.54 million are PRs. Great news for landlords!

2.    The total population showed a lower growth rate of 1.8%. This means that there is a slower growth of PRs and non-citizens. The number of PRs, however, increased by 1.5%, down from previous rates of 6% between 2005-2009. Growth of non-residents also slowed to 4.1%, from 15% and 19% in 2007 and 2008 respectively. But this means its still growing!

3.     The number of Singapore citizens increased by 0.9% between 2009 and 2010. This is on par with the average of 0.8-1.1% between 2005 and 2009. Gentlemen, please buck up.

4.    The resident population has increased in age! Now, the median age is 37.4 years while in 2000 it was 34 years. Buy land for nursing homes anyone?

5.    The influx of PRs have slowed down the pace of ageing. The old age support ratio (that is the number of persons aged 15-64 per elderly aged 65 and over) for the resident population is 8.2 higher than the 7.2 of the citizen population - lets hope they all don't pack up and go home when they have earned enough to retire in their homeland.
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