Latest mortgage rates from Standard Chartered Bank

The rates are effective only from 29th OCT 2010 and while the rates lasts.

If you're interested in taking up a housing loan with Standard Chartered Bank, call me and I'll have the Bank Officer call on you chop chop.

Private and HDB Properties

Pricing Package
3m Sibor (completed)
3m Sibor (BUC)
1 yr fixed
2yr fixed
Lock In Period
2 years
2 years
3m Sibor+0.75%
3m Sibor+0.65%
1.25% fixed
1.25% fixed
3m Sibor+0.85%
3m Sibor+0.75%
3m Sibor+1.25%
1.65% fixed
3m Sibor+1.10%
3m Sibor+1.00%
3m Sibor+1.25%
3m Sibor+1.25%

These packages are valid till 09 Nov 2010 only.

Please note: As an indication, 3M SIBOR=0.442% as of 22nd October 2010. Interest rates are pegged to
SIBOR (Singapore Interbank Offered Rate). If your loan is pegged to SIBOR, you can rest assured that your mortgage pricing will always reflect market conditions.

These are the documents required for loan processing:
1.   Application form (Completed & duly signed)
2.   Photocopy of NRIC (front and back) or Passport
3.   Income document:        
-          Latest Income Tax Notice of Assessment; or
-          Latest computerized pay slip
Self Employed/ Commission-based 
-                    Last 2 years’ Income Tax Notice of Assessment
New Purchase
  1. CPF Statement of Account
  2. Option to Purchase
  3. CPF Withdrawal Statement
  4. Outstanding Loan Statement


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