Daisy Apartments up for en bloc

SINGAPORE: Daisy Apartments, a residential redevelopment site near Serangoon Gardens, is up for en bloc at an expected price of above S$14.5 million.

Property consultants Credo Real Estate said the freehold site is located at Daisy Road and has a land area of more than 13,000 square feet.

The land is zoned for Residential use at a plot ratio of 1.4 and an allowable height of up to five storeys.

All the owners of the 12-unit apartment development have signed a collective sale agreement to sell the property.

Credo said the potential buyer has the option of redeveloping the site to accommodate approximately 42 apartment units of average 500 square feet, depending on layout and configuration.

Source : MediaCorp Pte Ltd by Jonathan Peeris


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