Companies turning to social media to engage customers

SINGAPORE : Companies in Asia are increasingly turning to social media to engage their customers.

But experts said that while Facebook and Twitter are good marketing tools, it is important to develop a well-thought strategy to handle crises.

Singapore Airlines (SIA) has jumped on the cyberspace bandwagon, now using Facebook and Twitter to reach out to its customers - 24/7.

Nicholas Ionides, vice president for public affairs at Singapore Airlines, said: "Social media is not a replacement of our existing communications and engagement channels with our customers.

"Our Customer Affairs Department of course still exists, our website is still there, our public relations activities are still there. This is an additional tool that complements the existing channels.

"It does not mean that we will be able to respond to every post that somebody may have on our Twitter and Facebook pages within a couple of minutes. But we are constantly looking at it, we are monitoring regularly and we are able to engage quite quickly and quite extensively with our customers."

SIA has attracted more than 1,300 followers on Twitter (@SingaporeAir) since launching its page last week.

Its official Facebook page, which was initially set up by a fan, has a following of more than 110,000.

Source : MediaCorp Pte Ltd


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