Own a Semi-Detached Bungalow for the price of a HDB

Imagine leasing your HDB out and using the rent to service the loan for your dream home in Iskandar Malaysia, just 10 minutes away from Singapore. Well, opportunity comes to those who takes action now. 

The Straits View Residences (Phase 4)

A freehold strata land parcel development located in the centre of the Iskandar Malaysia, just 10 minutes to Singapore. It consists of distinctively designed 186 exclusive semi-detached homes and 32 luxurious bungalows within a well gated and guarded community.

This low density luxurious development offers an exclusive clubhouse for the residents and the panoramic view of the Straits of Johor and Singapore.  


The Straits View Residences are proudly developed by Permas Jaya Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Bandar Raya Developments Berhad.

BRDB is Malaysia’s premier high-end property developer responsible for creating some of Malaysia’s most desirable addresses, including the award-winning The Troika, designed by world-renowned architects Foster & Partners; One Menerung and Bangsar Shopping Centre in the affluent neighbourhood of Bangsar; and CapSquare in the heart of midtown KL.

Permas Jaya is one of BRDB’s earliest developments. Piece by piece, BRDB have been adding to the landscape of Johor Bahru to create the expanse of residential choices that is Permas Jaya today; testament to the promise of creating homes of enduring value. 


·         Epitomize modern homes with lush greenery concept living within city center

·         Low density exclusive homes are uniquely comprised of Semi-Dee and Bungalows only

·         Entire precinct is rectilinear in configuration, allowing all units facing North – South orientation

·         Gated and Guarded Residences with comprehensive security features

·         Sanctuary clubhouse with Full range of facilities

Distinctive features

·         Land parcel govern by Strata Title Act

·         Low density residences only 6 units to one acre of land

·         Each home can accommodate 4 cars with its car park

·         Each homes has a majestic double volume living/dining area where orientated towards a garden view which allow an abundance of natural light, breeze and cross ventilation

·         Large master bedroom


·         The one and only one gated and guarded development with exclusive clubhouse facilities  governing by Strata Title Act within Johor Bahru City

·         Within walking distance to established commercial facilities and Golf Course

·         A Sanctuary clubhouse sited on a 2 acres central park

·         Sophisticated infrastructure such as roads with pedestrian paths

·         Underground electrical/telephone supply lines

·         Centralized SMATV services

·         Concealed drains

·         Centralized sewerage systems and concealed services

·         Landscaped gardens

·         Tree-lined streets

·         Wide green spaces are the design directions

·         Landscaped pockets parks with walkways through breezeways

·         An iconic forest grove provides for green lungs


·         A place where one can feel safe

·         A place one can sleep soundly at night

·         A place one can be away for long periods

·         A place where kids can be outdoors safely


·         A well maintained clean surrounding

·         A relaxing atmosphere like a resort

·         A serene, calm, seductive place

·         A comfortable, shady (not hot) location

·         Open concept and yet secured


·         Conducive environment for morning walks/exercise

·         Kids have a place to play

·         Central secured facilities akin to a club

·         Ample car parking

·         Footpath

Pride in Investment

·         Must be timeless

·         Must be able to project the image of their successful standing

·         Able to show-off to business associates

·         Development by reputable developer
Call Lawrence at 9853 3323 for Priority Preview Invitation. The Event is on Friday 30th September 2011 
between 5pm to 9pm.  As this is a Private Preview, location will be disclosed during your call.


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